start a propeace website

This website is based on the CivicSpace distribution of the open source content management framework, Drupal. This technology is exceedingly straightforward to deploy and maintain.

If you would like to set up a propeace website, we would be happy to send you the complete source code for including all customizations we have made to the CivicSpace and Drupal base. All you will have to do is to copy it to your web host, install the database and configure the modules through the web-based administrator interface. To get the source code send an email to our webmaster, Jason White.

We ask only the following:

  • that your propeace site be used for pro-active peace-building information, dialog and organizing
  • that the word "propeace" be used in a such a manner as to challenge site visitors to think, speak and act beyond their prejudices, hatred and outrage
  • that our propeace community remains open to all participants who are able share their ideas, whatever they may be, in a non-violent and constructive manner to foster learning, understanding and growth
  • that your propeace site post a link to on its home page (we will do the same)

Help build the propeace community!