It's good to see other peace related sites using CivicSpace to get their message out. I've just installed CivicSpace on my personal site. At this point, my installation is just a trial, a practice session to get my administration skills developed. My goal is to use CivicSpace for the Dallas Peace Center's new interactive web site.

To that end, I'd love to hear what other site administrators have learned about CivicSpace, particularly about security (there seem to be quite a few malicious, pro-Bush hacker types out there!), the taxonomy features, and themes. read more »

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Another list of links in progress. There are plenty more people who helped make our world better than it was.

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Thankfully there are some organizations out there that provide "counter-spin", a bit of objectivity insofar as that is possible. Here are a few we've found:

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Most news sources focus incessantly on conflict and rarely on its resolution, incessantly on war and rarely on peace. Hopefully we'll be able to add sources here that can strike a healthy balance. This is all we've got so far... read more »

This page is only just beginning. There are so many organizations out there working to change the world for the better.

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Thanks to CivicSpace Labs, a fantastic open source project that allows you to create a web site like this with little effort, launches today. My hope is to provide a space where people who are organizing and supporting peace and conflict resolution can discuss ideas and share information. This web site will evolve over time. Please make your needs and wishes known to me and I will try to accommodate.

I started this site primarily due to my interest and support of the Department of Peace Campaign in hopes that it could be of some use for organization and discussion. Please visit the forum section to participate in discussions. Visit the events section to view and record upcoming events. read more »

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