I agree that peace begins within. I think that in order to influence others to be peaceful, then we must demonstrate that in ourselves.

Part of what I am doing is to also ask for images of peace.
I have a website: and there I ask for your images of peace signs. Of course, the traditional sign is prevalent, but I also ask for other images and notes about what you think peace is. read more »

I've created a Web site, which I invite you to visit, that supports through art, Gather the Women and CodePink efforts to make peace a reality. Photographic images of peace signs created with found objects in nature make beautiful reminders that we should nurture peace every day. Peace within, peace at home, peace in our community, peace in our country, PEACE On Earth. read more »

Invitation to review my website and link to it (if applicable.)

World peace is entirely within our pragmatic means today. Our failure to establish it is the direct result of our cowardice, failure to rally and lack of imagination. We can spend the rest of our lives blaming someone else for our failure, or we can do something about it. You choose.

You and your friends might find interesting reading in LEARNERS: On the Move from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld, my 1000-page Web samizdat on World Peace. read more »

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i will get it to you no more then two weeks from when i get them.

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This website is based on the CivicSpace distribution of the open source content management framework, Drupal. This technology is exceedingly straightforward to deploy and maintain. If you would like to set up a propeace website, we would be happy to send you the complete source code for All you will have to do is to copy it to your web host, install the database and configure the modules through the web-based administrator interface. To get the source code, send an email to our webmaster, Jason White.

I do hope in my lifetime that such department can be created so people can learn non-violent ways to resolve conflicts.

If you ask anyone now if we can have world peace today, they would say no. Would there ever be a day and a time when the same question could elicit a yes?
Well, if set the date ahead, say 2020, could we rely on our capacity to self-organise, so we can arrange for humanity to create this opportunity?
The 17th Nov was the birthday of a new site: It is built on the principle of a wiki. You are invited to explore, discuss, and edit anything you see there. read more » is now upgraded to the latest release of Civicspace (, which runs on the newer version of Drupal (4.6). This provides support for an excellent new module, CiviCRM. CRM stands for "customer relation management". CiviCRM provides a giant leap in our ability to network with users, contacts and organizations. I'm excited to get started with the new module, but the upgrade process has been long and I must rest. read more »

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