Yaaaaawwwn.... MMMmpft! HUH? WHAT!!? You're kidding, right? I haven't really been asleep since...? What time is it? Wait! What year is it? 2012?!? No! Wait! Wait!!!

Okay, breathe. Just... breathe. Just..... breeaathe.

That's better. Now, let's have a look around. Maybe something will look familiar. Hmmm.... read more »

…and happy fifth anniversary of the conception of, the online community where we are “building a culture of peace” and celebrating our interdependence. This website was created to challenge people to think beyond the intricate dance of war and anti-war. We must not be silent, but we must choose our words carefully. read more »

Warm Greetings:

I am copying you with this note in order that you might circulate it to a number of people that would be interested in having our program instigated in the United States.

With your support - and large numbers we can have an amazing affect on the US process.

Please consider wisely. Get your networks to vote!!!!

Mitch L Gold read more »

Last week as I sat waiting for a presciption to be filled at a Veterans Hospital, I encountered a young man not even 30 who had lost both his legs. while waiting a news blurbcame on about how people were so against this WAR. My heart went out to this young man as he sat there with tears in his eyes not believing in what he was hearing. He probably felt what the hell did I sacrifice my 2 legs for. read more »


I have been looking for a web community about peace, and it seems that I have finally found it. I am interested in nonviolence as a way of life and in nonviolence action as a technique for political activism.

There is nothing more
to say
to see
to listen to.

Don’t try.

We have scars on our eyelids
bodies falling
dust clouds

There are children for whom
it is already history
vague events
that littered the world
before they were born
Moses and Mother Theresa
as contemporaries
in shadow stories.

There is nothing to say
yet we can’t stop talking.


The simplest way to create peace is to remove the profit from War. What happened to the days when we never sold arms, instead of being the worlds largest exporter of military arms? Why are private contractors running amuck in Iraq and allegedly creating "sectarian violence" and insurgencies by blowing up mosques, as alleged to be reported in Arab press reports. Why? read more »


My name is Natalie, I just found this site today. I received the welcome
email encouraging me to introduce myself so I am.

I am not very experienced at writing or navigating on a blog so please
excuse any awkwardness.

I am changing and learning how to be Pro Peace rather than Anti War.
There is such a profound difference too me. read more »

The site has just been upgraded to the Drupal 5.1 platform. A few changes that might be of interest:

  • Private Messages have been removed. Users can contact each other via their contact forms. Click on the user's name and then click the contact tab.
  • Categories have been simplified. Also, free tagging has been added.
  • Blog Info has been added to your blog. You can add a name and description to your blog. Click on my account and then click the edit tab.
  • Active Discussions list has been added to the right. This replaces the recent comments block.
  • Favorites list has been added for each user. You can add any post to your favorites, and other users can see your favorites.

This might be of interest to list members. It concerns conflicts in Indonesia, which often have interethnic or interreligious elements (though ethnicity and religion are often not the real problems behind the intractability of the conflicts!). Indonesia has had much success recently (Aceh, Maluku, etc.) in resolving or transforming their conflicts. Hope this site can be of some relevance for others, in Indonesia and further afield: read more »

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