Relations between the US and Chinese governments are moving toward a tense atmosphere as both countries levied tariff restrictions against each other. read more »

Edward M. Kennedy succumbed to brain cancer at age 77.

The death of the Massachusetts senator who served his state for more than 40 years hogged the deadlines of leading newspapers in the US and abroad. read more »

The controversial arrest of black Harvard University Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his own house in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Sgt. James Crowley, a white police officer who is an academy expert on racial profiling, sparked a national debate that is likely to put President Barack Obama on the spotlight. read more »

More recently, President Obama has given voice to his views of Changes in the auto industry.

What blows me away in all this introspective auto industry make over is simply this:

For so many years now GM and Chrysler and so many of the car manufacture's have been designing and read more »


by Michael Shanklin

Ron Paul explains why torture should not be allowed or encouraged and discusses why it is unAmerican.


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