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A Death in Afghanistan

Tell me my dearest friend,
where on earth can I
be beautiful,
walk tall and proud
and be who I am
if not in Afghanistan?

Am I not so valued here
that I am
a sight not to behold,
Am I not so precious to you
that should anything
less than your image
of my perfection storm
dark in your raging
my Beloved Afghanistan,
I should gladly spill my blood read more »

September seems to be filled with opportunities for peacemaking. September 21 is International Day of Peace with many events scheduled, and of course, September 11, the remembrance of 9-11. read more »

“Young Filipinos Shout for World Peace” poster-making and poetry-writing contest read more »

Creating a Peace*Market economy where the self regulating, moral standards of responsibility, unity, trust and peace prevail over the faulty concept of a forcefully, controlled free market system.
read more »

Great article from Deepak Chopra including a week long peacemaking exercise.

The prevailing idea is that war begins in each human heart and can only end there. The religious tradition of praying for peace is the closest most people will ever come to ending war in their own hearts. Most people have actually never heard of this approach.
Why has it failed?
Because nobody has really tried it.

Well, I wouldn't say nobody has tried it. But certainly not enough people have tried it yet.

Happy International Day of Peace, everyone! May peace prevail on Earth.

Jason. read more »

Every*Flower, starts from a seed, germinating underground, feeding off the decay, warmth, wisdom and L.O.V.E. read more »

Our Constitution's Birthday
(September 17, 2008)

In the year, Seventeen eighty-seven
Those thirty-nine, changed our History
They signed that piece of parchment
Said, we were, the Land of the Free.

In more than two hundred twenty years
It has gone through a few changes
That's not, an easy thing to get done
For, all of our lives, it rearranges.

The First through Tenth Amendments read more »

POW/MIA Remembrance Day
(Third Friday of September)

Thousands are still missing
From those Wars of the past
Slowly, some are coming home
To grieving Families, at last.

Some found in unmarked graves
On foreign lands across the sea
With the science of DNA
To reveal, their true identity.

JPAC was formed to find them
Around fourteen hundred, to date read more »

Peace Or War?

Yet, another year has passed by
Since, those terrorists struck our Land
Even, after all this time gone by
Still hard, to comprehend or understand.

How can a person hate so much
And be so blinded, by their belief
To take their life, and so many others
To cause such terror, pain, and grief ?

All those folks they didn’t even know
Who never caused them any harm read more »

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