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The Olive Branch A Global Strategy of Nonviolence

To all the people in the world, an amazing opportunity is at our fingertips! The world is ecstatic about Obama’s election. This is a time for “people” to stand up, speak out, and reach out to others with the olive branch. read more »

First Sign of No Change: Obama hires his Chief of Staff, by Mazin Qumsiyeh (occupied West Bank)

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http://palestinechr view_article_ details.php? id=14355 read more »

Do you look into a mirror each morning ?
Then you have seen the face of truth.

Do you greet your colleagues at work each day ?
Then you have greeted the work of truth.

Do you meet with friends and neighbors ?
Then you have met the companions of truth.

Do you share with family and loved ones ?
Then you have shared love with the family of truth.

Do you help in community ? read more »

I'd like to continue last month's theme of dissolving the walls of separation and truly being instruments of peace. In James Hillman's groundbreaking book "We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and The World's Getting Worse" he gives us a clue as to how to make this happen. read more »

There are no Guarantees:
From the viewpoint of FEAR
None would be strong enough.
From the viewpoint of LOVE
None are necessary.

* * * *
Hate is the Sign of fear, Tolerance is the Sign of courage.

Fundamentally, Baseless*Hate ignores the image it creates of itself...

Why did Hate cross the road ???

To divide a nation, a world in fear.

Why did Peace cross the road ???

To embrace the other side .... of course...

Seek not to return energy or noise, but to give light and voice... read more »

These ( are some really cool spots about tea from Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco. The basic idea behind the series is that one cup of tea, serenely enjoyed, can help bring about world peace. The series focuses on how tea transcends and defines culture, and how it can be used to bring people of different cultures together.

I attended this event. Please read... A small cross-section of life holds true in all life...

From: Immigrant Support Network
Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 10:53 AM read more »

I wrote this poem for Paul Newman, resurrected it on behalf of a good man. We shall miss him indeed.
He walked the talk.

Movies, I Am & Pickles (2005)

In the narrowest conception called "I Am"
lives an unidentified source.
How this source appears is _______________
(By filling in your very own blank.)

I honestly know how exacting and detracting read more »

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