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I wrote this song as a tribute to all that are protesting the war and those that are losing relatives like myself. Here are the lyrics and in order to here the song, go to
There is nothing to download, just click on "Dear Mr. President". It may automatically start playing when you go to the link.

Please listen to this. I'm sure you'll love it

Here are the lyrics read more »

Dear Friends,

When I first heard that Cindy Sheehan had camped out in front of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, it reminded me of another woman who sat down in the front of a bus because she was tired and had had enough.

Then I thought, here is yet another painful example in our world today. We are tired of young men and women around the world dying needlessly, without purpose, and leading to escalating violence between nations, in our country, in our communities, in our schools. read more »

There are still seats available on the bus to Oak Ridge, TN that is leaving from Westgate Shopping Center in Asheville, NC to join the activities at the nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, TN this weekend. For more details, contact Lew Patrie at (828)299-1242 or (828)273-2229.

I'm called "Sara" and began as a reluctant volunteer. On Thursday night last week I convinced a friend of mine to host four Peace Pilgrims overnight in his home. Neither of us had ever met any of the pilgrims prior to Thursday night. They are walking 300 miles to commemorate the anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons and to urge the discontinuance of their manufacture and use. As it turned out, another friend of mine met Sister Denise 10 years ago, so there was really only one degree of seeming "separation" between us. As it turned out, the Buddhist Monk (whose name I can't spell) has the same birthday as I do (we're one year apart in age). Except that he is Japanese. I was so impressed with these Pilgrims that I joined them on their walk for an hour before going to Church on Sunday morning. They chanted and beat drums along the way. It was truly inspirational to feel their energy. read more »

Hi everyone, urgent assistance needed - please help

the conscientious objection to taxes going towards military spending is being heard at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, in London on monday 25th July when seven conscientious objectors will appeal to the judge , at any time around 10.30am british time

I beg of you all to please sign the online petition and e-mail all your contacts & request them to do the same - I signed tonight and there were only 615 signatures - please rally around and sign online at by midnight sunday 26th july. read more »

United for Peace and Justice sounds like an organization with whom The Peace Alliance and the DoP Campaign would do well to exchange mutual endorsements. Like me, they believe in a multi-lateral approach that includes both lobbying and demonstrating. The drain on our fiscal resources is always expressed in such big numbers! Let's look at this comparison of what that much money can buy.
      Tools for War Tools for Peace
    $14,000 One cluster bomb Enroll two children in Headstart
    $40,000 One Hellfire missile Two home health aides for disabled elderly
    $763,000 One minute war on Iraq Annual salary/benefits for 15 RNs
    $46 million One hour war on Iraq Improve, repair, modernize 20 schools
    $2.1 billion One Stealth bomber Annual salary/benefits for 38,000 elementary teachers
    $12 billion War in Afghanistan, 2001-2002 Double federal funding for mass transit
Do you see why it is that in order to wage peace, the DoP only needs to spend two percent of what the military is currently spending to wage war?

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, we will undertake a 300-mile pilgrimage starting with a rally at the Savannah River Site at 10:00 on July 16, the date of the first nuclear test, and ending with a demonstration at the Oak Ridge Site on August 6, the date of the first use of nuclear weapons against humans. Groups worldwide will be planning similar pilgrimages, rallies, and demonstrations, so contact Sister Denise at 404-627-8948 to find out about a related event near you. The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance at 865-483-8202 can give you more information about the demonstration. The rally at the Savannah River Site is sponsored by the Carolina Peace Resource Center and Aiken Peace. There will be a meeting at the main branch of the Charleston public library at 68 Calhoun Street on July 7 at 7:00 in Meeting Room B to organize participation and support from the Charleston propeace community.

Yesterday's peace walk at Harvard University was attended by the Vice Mayor of Cambridge, Marjorie Decker, and by Cindy Sheehan from California. Cindy is a co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace. Her son Casey was killed in action in Iraq on April 4, 2004. Cindy has, like many other mothers, fathers, siblings and relations of veterans, taken up the cause of ending the primitive, barbaric, cruel practice of warfare. Before the walk she spoke with courage and conviction to the group about her efforts, and thanked the group for their weekly vigil. She read a chilling poem written by her daughter, Carley, a poem that spurred her to action. Here is that poem...

I was deeply moved by the article "A Correspondent Comes Home" by Dahr Jamail that appeared in AlterNet on June 2, 2005. He had been back in this country for three months, but his heart and mind were still in Iraq, where he had witnessed real people undergoing real hardship on a daily basis. Our relative ease and removal from the situation seemed surreal to him. He said, "I keep wondering how long so many people in my home country will continue to ignore it, to be complicit, whether they know it or not, in our brutal occupation - so long after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this war was illegal and based on nothing but lies. I can't help wondering as well how long they will be complicit as their tax dollars continue to be spent on a war machine that is eating their children and loved ones, along with innocent Iraqis; complicit as social programs and benefits, civil rights and liberties are stripped from them - a little more with each passing day. read more »

Congressman Marty Meehan (Democrat, MA 5th District) will speak at First Parish in Bedford, MA (On the Common) on Sunday, June 5th at 12:30 p.m. He'll speak for 10-15 minutes, then Q&A. Meehan comes to us at the encouragement of Bedford's Brian Hart who, since the death of his son John in Iraq, has made truth-telling his lifework. Meehan and Hart have made common cause in exposing unwelcome truths about the war and dissenting from both pro and anti-war orthodoxies. After recently visiting Iraq, Meehan has prepared a draft White Paper that outlines an exit strategy, including a withdrawal of most American troops within 12-18 months. Click here to download the White Paper in PDF format. read more »

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