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I thought this woman..must be known about..she is a true hero

and a very sad loss..

Since the beginning of the Iraq War, the Librul Media has been taken to task for reporting only the bad news. Why don't they ever talk about the good news? Some would say because there is so little of it. Some would say because violence sells -- "if it bleeds, it leads." Some say because the Librul Media is out to discredit the Administration's well-intentioned invasion which will turn around any day now. read more »

It is with great regret and sadness that I bring you this report.

Today we received the news so many of us have been dreading: one of the Christian Peacemaker Teams hostages in Iraq, American Tom Fox, has been killed. read more »

The Death Squads in Iraq

Maher Othman - A report of the human Rights Office of the United Nations Human Rights Program for Iraq revealed that the death squads killed more than 7 thousand person over the past months. UNAMI's report says that militias affiliated to the Ministry of Interior run by Bayan Jabr are responsible for the execution of a large number of such killing acts. read more »

I have a problem with the apathy of the American public. I am a child of the 60s and marched and protested and let my voice be heard. Why is it that people grumble and talk mostly privately about their unhappiness and discontent with the present establishment and their repressive and secretive reprehensible underhanded ways. Oh I know its about being politically sensitive and afraid someone might read more »

A multi-language - including Arabic - internet website communicates the body count in Iraq since the onset of the war. Casualty figures are derived solely from a comprehensive survey of online media reports. Where these sources report differing figures, the range (a minimum and a maximum) are given. The latest available figures for the civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq are 28403 civilian casualty at the bare minimum, and 32013 casualty at a threshold. The victims were claimed by US military intervention violating the Geneva Convention and by operations carried out by terrorists claiming to be resistance... read more »

Bringing The U. S. Troops Home Now.

Again I raise the issue above. Again Congressman Jay inslee commends himself for supporting the troops in Iraq.

I try a new approach. I call it a dose of reality. I remind him that doctors have called this conflict the war of the missing legs. I tell him where the legs go. I point out that with every passing day that our troops remain in Iraq more of them leave their legs in Iraqi garbage cans. I suggest that he ask a doctor how human legs smell rotting in 120 degree heat. read more »

Last November, the US Senate Intelligence Committee was pressured by the Democrats to commence the long-delayed investigation of whether the Bush administration had deliberately distorted the intelligence to justify the Iraq war.

A growing body of evidence, however, is already showing that the Bush administration manipulated the evidence to bolster support for its planned war. The Bush administration claimed that Saddam Hussain tried to acquire uranium in Niger to use for the production of Iraqi nuclear weapons. read more »

According to the "Der Spiegel", The USA is preparing for a military strike against Iran.,1518,392783,00.html

Would this help the peace process in the region ans especially in Iraq?

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By Bernd Debusmann

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - link - After years of internal debate, the Pentagon has embraced a fundamental change in policy which calls for the U.S. armed forces to be equally adept at waging war and making peace.

The new course, announced in a Pentagon directive, follows widespread criticism of the conduct of the war in Iraq, where U.S. forces scored a swift, decisive victory over conventional opponents but found themselves ill-equipped to deal with post-combat chaos and an increasingly effective insurgency.

The directive says that establishing order and security, restoring essential services and meeting the humanitarian needs of the population of a vanquished country were a "core U.S. military mission."

It is the first time that such activities have been defined as a core function of the U.S. armed forces. read more »

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