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Countdown: Day 4 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

The violence in Iraq is showing us where the core of the problem lies - sectarian violence. The question to ask here is, "Are they (we) really fighting because of the differences in their faith, or are they (we) fighting because of the hatred and insecurities of their leaders?"

It would be very helpful if we could separate our personal and ancestral ties to religious leaders from our true faith. read more »

Countdown - 5 Days remaining of 30 days to Creating a Change in Direction

We have had to wait on tipping any more Sacred Cows because of their inaccessibility. It's like they are all in the middle of a huge forest fire and can't be gotten to without causing more trouble. So we have been waiting for the proper timing and circumstances.

Nobody said that changing directions would be easy. In the meantime, there is an agreement that we can release together that will help us to develop patience, strengthen our courage and cut off some of the fuel that feeds the fire: read more »

I googled the name of a song I wrote named 'Just Another Bloody Day' and came up with this site. The song is about Ryan Miller, but it could have been about any one of the casualties. The point is that these kids are dying for no good reason and we need to bring them home now!

To hear the song, you can log on to

Here are the lyrics:

Private Ryan Miller -his age was twenty-one read more »

Day 14 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

My experience has shown me that whatever I fuss with increases. The more I struggle with what I'm doing, the more off course I get. Giving up doesn't do well either, that's like having a ship without a rudder. Being in the flow and in a state of active direction is ideal and yet for many of us, that is a very difficult balance to achieve and maintain. read more »

The Hero endures as an archetype of the human condition. We know a hero when we see one. They are courageous, tireless, cunning, impervious to setbacks and have an insatiable desire to root out and defeat the unsavory foes. They prevail against all odds. They practice humility. read more »

As the economy booms for the few, the emperor amounts to ZERO and his cloths are stained with the blood of the weak and poor.

History seems to begin its recurring path into a spin of self-aggrandizing denial.

Yet even now the people have a champion in the heart and soul of their collective truth. read more »

everyone is always saying the war is almost over, but what people dont realize is that if we pulled our troops out of iraq and used the money we spend on military supplies to feed and clothe the poor, the war could be over today.

I feel much anxiety toward the possibility of military action against Iran or North Korea. I cannot imagine how the escalation of military action would play out, how many thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, millions would loose their lives in the end.

I can imagine, however, what the end result of diplomacy and peaceful resolution would be - a world in which each and every one of us is safer, more at ease, more peaceful. read more »

George W. Bush in recent speeches has responded to the conclusions of a recently-released April National Intelligence Estimate that "the Iraq war has fueled terror growth around the world"¦" (The Wall Street Journal, 9/27/06, p. A18.). Mr. Bush's comments offer an opportunity to clearly examine the flawed, deceptive logic employed by this administration in justifying the indefensible. read more »

How I Defeated the Dream Puppet Fear


In that moment I

my eyes firmly
upon the
specter that had always
sent me
spasms of fear.

The hideous
through its
repertoire of contortions
furious campaign
horrid movement
final blow
fear into my heart.

But a vast suctioning sound
the grill of my midsection
as the
levers of truth I had
finally found purchase.
festering coating came off
glistening black galaxy,
endlessly powerful,
and pure.

specter had not noticed the chasm
that had developed
between us.
And from this side of the chasm
it looked like a
freakish puppet,
moving to the
will of its master,
the puppeteer,

Gigantic Galactic Grace I
coating and the puppet
into the chasm,
on in peace.

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