peace & nonviolence

Any ensueing peace or stability gained for the few by the suffering of the many, is that in name only, thus squandering the sacrifice borne.

Bruce Larson*Moore

The word HERO triggered energy within myself, and that is why I am responding. I spent one and a half deployments in Iraq, so I have heard and Experienced the word hero heard thousands of times personally. Before, during and shortly after my first deployment I felt immense proud and gratitude to those who said it and from within. read more »

The victims and enemy mine, are counted one by one and honored upon the same field of regret, beside the loved ones harmed with identical pain, suffering and sorrow met, will this act of memorial, for but a single day, have any meaning to heal the loss of millions upon millions, gathering in the dust of history lost, changed and rewritten to cover the tracks of genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder, read more »

A Different Memorial Day

Almost forty-three hundred killed
Since we invaded in two thousand three
Thirty two thousand plus, wounded
But maybe, with an end in sight, to see.

There's so many hurting families
Whose lives have changed forever more
Sons and Daughters who lost Parents
To the cruel, ravages of war.

Since our Country was founded
One and one quarter million lost read more »

In his presentation at the Peace Project last month, Rev Michael Beckwith reminded us that peace is not the absence of something, but rather the presence - the presence of love, the presence of compassion, the presence of cooperation, the presence of creating a better world! read more »

...however we order our varied loyalties, we should still be sure that we recognize the worth of human life wherever it occurs and see ourselves bound by common human abilities and problems to people who lie at a great distance from us.
– Martha Nussbaum.

A particular representation might be valid. ‘Affront’ or ‘outrage’ might be a rational reaction. Actual harm may have been inflicted on real people and the reporting may be entirely trustworthy. But we must not allow the quickening of our blood to override rationality.

I do not advocate an absence of moral sensibility, rather a proactive hesitance to suffer offence, for if we are to ever become true ‘citizens of the world’ we must first learn to employ a new language, a new rhetoric, within our everyday lives. read more »

Apr. 4:
Every day, I join others in this prayer for World Peace.
With each kind thought,
each choice for nonviolence,
we plant a seed that shall bloom
to bring forth rich fruit in its Season.
Together, friend, we till the soil and
plant the seeds that all creation may
sing for joy and dance in the
Garden of Peace.
May our prayers and practices
during this Season be but the beginning read more »


Turkey Shoot

it's a turkey shoot out there,
the sky is falling, bullets hailing everywhere
there is no safe place left on earth,
no sanctuary for the innocent
streets of anger are spilling blood and the earth is
a vampire,
we've forgotten how to be light of heart
and I wonder if language is the fruit of all
evil, Jacob's ladder is burning through the

money flies read more »

In April, we celebrate Earth Day. I'm not sure why we don't celebrate Earth Day every day of the year, but at least we have set aside one day to honor and recognize our relationship with our mother earth. Like so many other things in life, our relationship with the earth is a reflection of our inner feelings, thoughts and relationship with ourselves. read more »

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