peace & nonviolence

Miep Gies dies at 100
I am so emotional just thinking of wanting to write about it
I didn’t know Miep Gies but her example gives me hope
It was her nonviolence and that of those doing similar acts that defeated Hitler

President Obama please take note
World citizens please take note
Realize that it is important to learn how to defeat Hitler with nonviolence read more »

God is Love, God is eternal, Always has been, is now,
And always will be.
I agree to disagree No violence. Has to start with me,
Has to start with you, This moment,
I don't agree, I agree to disagree, No violence, Has to start with me, Has to start with you, This moment Show our leaders what we want By beingleaders. Ask them to join us. One moment helps. read more »


One more cry from the fallen warrior,
One more cry for mother, from her soldier,

One more cry from the battle lines,
One more cry from hidden mines,

One more cry standing shoulder to shoulder,
One more cry for the war to be over,

One more cry of revenge,
One more cry divides again,
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Escalating profits of war, boosting profits of speculation, raising profits of compensation, ensuring profits of corporations, hemorrhaging profitable jobs, bleeding profitable markets, incurring debt, bubbling gold, the domino of commercial doubt, teetering toward a gilded depression of unprecedented scope and scale...
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Aiming to inflict the atrocity of horror-stricken harm,

For the grievance of afflicted injustices,

Seeking recognition of cruelty endured,

Endowed with a morality of them and us,

The shooter, unlocked and loaded,

Fires directly unto the heart of social responsibility,
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I'm here in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas enjoying the PEACE Block Party hosted by ArtSpirit to celebrate International Day of Peace. DPC has a table here, and I'm talking with people about the DPC and why they might want to join. And then I see the Channel 33 news crew doing interviews. So I wander over that way, surely they will want to talk with me. But what will I say? read more »


Thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves, money changers lives are better than thee,

Pay, pay, more and more, buckets of cash shoveled through Wall+Street doors,

Loss, loss, transferred to thee, taxpayer bleeds with interest paid to corporate greed,

War, war, here we go, jobs to stimulate the weapons and recruitment flow,
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War is the product of those employed to sacrifice life, liberty, treasure, relationship, family and trust, to the belief that others will show concern, care and regret for those who exist to fight, so that others may survive and still others may truly live,
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This is the Age 4 Armed Revolution,

Citizens armed with knowledge,

Politicians armed with courage,

Governments armed with trust,

Corporations armed with humanity,

Groups armed with cooperation,

Environment armed with fitness,

Community armed with civility,
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if all you accomplish today
is to
thank God
today is worth living

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