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The President ordered 20,000 mediators, arbitrators and conflict resolution professionals to war-torn Somalia today. The decision comes after a month of deliberations with the Secretaries of State and Defense, the newly confirmed Secretary of Peace, countless military, political and humanitarian advisors. The move was heralded around the world as an unprecedented act of courage and resolve, one that befits the highest character of the United States. read more »

It was a scuffle to begin with,
not much to do with oil, said the gabfests,
and Life was snuffed out for some folks over Desert Storm.

Then came the demand for the bottomless barrel,
never enough, blind to the investment
until finally there was none left to demand.

It never was ours. Is there any left to sell?
The biggest customer blew it up.
When the rick-o-shay was over, there were no more takers. read more »

At 12 noon today the Peace and Justice for America (PAJAMA) party took duly elected control of the Executive and enacted its first series of Executive Orders, setting the tone for the new administration.

Executive Order 1: Recommittment to the the United Nations and to the Rule of Law domestic and international. read more »


July 20, 2012 - On the 43rd anniversary of the first moon landing, this day perhaps marks the beginning of a profound power shift which is being created. After decades of having been denied access, by the US government to building new oil and gas refineries in the state of Alaska, the Japanese have opened two new energy refining and distribution plants on Canadian soil today.

This development in conjunction with the newly completed pipe lines running through the Canadian Arctic, which were constructed largely with funding from China, is the beginning of the realization of energy supply and distribution controlled by the The Four Winds Bio Energy Partnership forged between China, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The partnership is shifting large tracts of land in those countries from growing subsidized crops such as tobacco, cotton and sugar into hemp, alternative grains and cane production for the energy, packaging and fabric industries. read more »

As every child now learns in Elementary School, it was shortly after the Great Global Consciousness Shift of the mid 21st century which took place during the World Terror Wars, that the foundation for the Global*Peace we now take for granted was created.

Early in that century many grassroots organizations laid the seeds for the Departments of Peace that each government eventually created and which now link the world into the reality of tolerance, trust, cooperation and compassion that guide the new energy of Man*Kind into our ever blossoming future. read more »

News from the Future of America - Part III
See Part I, and Part II

In a huge push to promote their violent agenda, war activists staged an illegal invasion of Iran yesterday. After years of fundraising and concentrating corporate power, 50,000 hired mercenaries attacked by land, air and water. The maneuver was estimated to cost around $1 billion. read more »

Political parties as we know them are obsolete. The unity that they ostensibly represent no longer exists, and possibly never did in the first place. In this age of lightning fast communication, organization and activism, we no longer need to cling to a party identity in order to make our collective voice heard and to exercise our power as American citizens. As was aptly pointed out on this site this past week (see Multipartisan Democracy) the Republicrats cannot hope to represent the diversity of combinations of stances on issues taken by citizens in this country. read more »

In the most dramatic turn over of power in American history, the voters have given the Peace And Justice for AMericA (Pajama) Party the majority in both houses of Congress and control of the Executive branch.

"Their humanist message of truth, trust and responsibility for the American people really resonated with voters." said political analyst Theresa Hanlon, "America has shown that it is ready to move on in a substantial way from what came before." read more »

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