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Growing*Up is for wannabes, Growing*Old is for underachievers, Growing*Wise is for the courageous, Growing*Humble is highly recommended and commendable ;)

Bruce Larson*Moore

One who seeks a healthy reality, allows that hope leads the spirit, trust leads the heart, reason leads the mind, action leads the body while evidence draws the being...

Bruce Larson*Moore

For those in Minneapolis and elsewhere -

Soul Oriented Solutions - A Handbook of Quick Formulas to Use in Times of Emotional Crisis

This book is free and can be downloaded anytime...we are sending our love and prayers.

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The International Museum of Women is excited to announce the launch of the Imagining Ourselves Motherhood Exhibit, running from March 8 through the end of June. read more »

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God, science, and spirituality - our
personal responsibility for global peace.

EUGENE, OR - JANUARY 22, 2007 - With God Refined: A Proposal for Peace, Robert Kezer answers what may be our most important question: Can the average person make a difference in the world, or are we destined to a future beyond our control - one of increasing war, environmental destruction, and disparity between the rich and poor? read more »

The Holy scripture 'The Religion of God' is conveyed to fair minded people ,and those in search for God.

Superior to religion is the love of God ,which is the essence of all religions,whereas the light of God is an illuminating guide in the way.

'A Muslim says that I am the most high,whereas a Jew says that his stage is higher than that of a muslim.A Christian says that he is better than both,and even better than all other religions because he is from the nation of the 'Son of God'(Jesus). read more »

Geneticists have begun to unlock the mystery of our past and what they are finding will revolutionize how we perceive ourselves in relation to other people around the world.

What they are finding is that what we call "races" are really our long lost brothers and sisters in a great globe spanning human family. Wow ! read more »

Short-view thinkers, who are commonly understood as more practically minded, require objectives closer to home. Long-view thinking is required to envisage the objectives close to 2020. If we consider the prerequisite objectives earlier and earlier until we approach the present day, this creates the appropriate resolution for short-view thinkers to utilise their skills. Therefore it is abstract thinkers, working accurately within the 2020 time-scale, who may provide the most valuable thinking from 2005 to 2010. Real practical social power dynamics may only manifest later, but with the right preparation, this manifestation may occur exponentially. read more »

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