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Today Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, who, with the exception of an angry outburst and some lines about bringing the sword, preached and led a nonviolent life about 2000 days ago.

And if we Christians could just leave up to this teaching, we could have a much better world: read more »

Some people do not believe in karma, which aptly applies to the saying "you reap what you sow." read more »

Angels walk among us, as we look to the heavens, for salvation.... and so it is left to us, to heal the world... RIP*Farrah...

Bruce Larson*Moore


Those who take it upon themselves to sanction unions of grace, and then ignore the responsibility of their own divinity toward others, have no moral ground upon which to oppose those who choose to accept the reality of loves truth.

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One who denies a reality which others are willing to kill and die for, simply weakens their own ability to alter that reality.

Bruce Larson*Moore

There is gratitude and discontent for awareness and all that we create with it, as we develop our capacities to free ourselves from the bondage of the past and the desires and fears of the future, so that we may experience and embrace the enduring truth of this living moment to the fullest.

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There has always been a higher, spiritual hand active in the life of the United States, beginning with its founding in 1776 by one of the greatest gatherings of political geniuses ever seen on the planet. And throughout its 212 year life, at each moment of agonizing need, the United States has seen an inspired leader emerge to meet the crises of the times with vision, strength and the gifts required. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union and ended slavery, Franklin D. Roosevelt acted boldly to help end the Great Depression and defeat the Axis Powers. And now, in this moment of historical crisis, another great leader, uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our nation and the world, has come forth, overlighted by Spirit, as an expression of the soul of the American people. read more »

flame embodied, strive and thrive
threat percieved, otherness veil
mind enthralled, discern concern
life eclipsed by concept, memory

oh so delicate your enigmatic death grip

Tune into original, compelling radio! read more »

This is our moment to shine! This is the moment when the paroxysms of Fear turn it into a parody of itself, unmasked in dramatic futility. We see its contortions of ignorance and misunderstanding shimmering and shifting, desperate to lure us back. We hear its salacious and seditious whisperings of imaginary scandals. We feel righteous indignation, but we know that to respond from there is to give credence to the barren, exhausted nonsense of Fear.

Lynch mobs of prejudice and petulance, terrified by the terrorist in their minds, are jumping up and down and shouting impotently at the end of their era. They are unable to look into the eyes of love and recognize themselves there. They are consumed by the painful hole in their hearts. They see only the "other" as an illusion of themselves, unloved.

This is our moment! Our wills are in alignment, and we are shining our light in unison into the once impenetrable darkness. Our minds now perceive the breathtaking delusion, plainly revealed, naked. We know without struggle how to live the response.

This is our moment! Our hearts open to the sickness and suffering, and we know that it cannot harm us. We breathe it all in and exhale it humbly back to the universal from which it came. We offer forgiveness to those who know not what they do. Their spasms subside, they awaken blinking in bewilderment and benevolence. We walk together, without obstacles, in peace.

This is the moment, like no other, to shine!

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