Today I traveled to Wise, VA, a small coal-mining town not far from the Cumberland Gap, to speak at the "public" hearing of the Air Pollution Control Board. read more »

Yesterday, I spoke at a public hearing on a permit application by Dominion Power, and it was highly disheartening. In fact, I almost walked out! Since most of the readership here is not local to this project, I'll offer as background that the proposed plant is to generate power using "clean" coal technologies - an oxymoron, of course! read more »

Archemedes designed a system that took parabolic mirrors and focused them into what he called a death ray to burn through wooden hull ships. Myth busters tried... but at least reached a 700 degree celsius beam, that if we combined his ray with his spinning globe steam engine it will become the "Ellis Peace Ray". read more »


Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Honorable members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen.

I have a purpose here today. It is a purpose I have tried to serve for many years. I have prayed that God would show me a way to accomplish it. read more »

This is a really well done piece about the impact all our piles of stuff truly have. Must see. Must share.


Environment is the outcome of exploration of Ecosystems by the Humans.Unfortunately, the entire humanity is playing the role of "terrorists" for the environment.It is but natural that Nature being powerful than humans will take revenge on the mankind for its dissolution.The humans have to ammend their actions which are to be linked to wisdom based on true knowledge and each individual's "conscious read more »

The almighty LAWN

I can not look at new mown grass
without seeing the blood that is
spilled for gas.
I can not look at green lawns
where dandelions used to be found
without seeing chemicals go
in the ground.
I can not see an acre of clear-cut
trees without falling down on my
begging God to make a place
for future members of the human
who really should not have to pay read more »

These are from my book, "Moontides, and Other Changes" with current update (every other verse) to first piece.
No matter what your nationality, politics or religious beliefs we should all be very concerned
about Mother Earth and our own future. We just can't go on pretending there isn't anything to worry about, no matter what big business and gov't tells us. I, for one, believe Global Warming IS real!! read more »

The Earth, Mother Earth, is heavy with child and woefully ill. Who tends her as a loving, giving, whole and integrated being? What will she bring to birth?

Beneath that massive, swollen belly, her water broke, spilling, spilling - everywhere, over days, months, pooling anywhere, here and there, heedless of its path. Blown by the wind, she broke as her children pressed in upon her, & the waters swirled upon the wind and pooled around her mounds and valleys where naught was water found before. She shook with pain, unable to control herself, and mud slid, covering her people, their works, their villages. read more »

I stand as Earth's daughter, head bowed with salty tears falling into the current upon the fearsome Sea I love. My toes sift sand like time, like once in glass made of sand. In one hand I hold the waste of wood with stinkin' ink smearing tales before my blurry eyes. In my heart, I hold a globe of once blue and green becoming brown. Fires burn. Faces turn angry, sad, frightened. My poems are dark these days. My songs cry for truth and peace. read more »

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