Day 16 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction.

There continues to be a lot of chaos going on and it's still tempting (for me, anyway) to take sides and get distracted by the various conflicts that surround me. My intuition tells me that staying neutral and keeping a "wait and see" attitude to the events going on outside of me is the wiser choice.

Throughout our recorded history, the Status Quo has used trickery, false hopes and mistaken identities to gain the trust of the people and then subdue them. read more »


I recently read an article on News BBC that stated that the rights of those who voice their thoughts online are being taken away. An Iranian blogger named Kianoosh Sanjari was jailed because he posted comments about the police in Iran. In the wake of 'unlawful government spying' within the United States, I see this as a sick growing problem. Our freedom is wanning slowly and there seems but one solution for this decay. We must rally around all causes like a bull in the ring. With Amnesty International at the root of this fight to release Kianoosh Sanjari, please show your support. Visit:
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If all countries are protected there is no reason to fight any war.
For all countries to be protected
an international peace keeping force must be created.
The united nations must be given enough military power to protect all countries that obey three mandatory international laws. country can invade another country. country can build weapons of mass distruction. country can support terror groups. read more »


I don't feel qualified to really speak my thoughts about how to work toward a peaceful world, but at the same time I am driven to give expression to my ideas. I feel that in order to work toward a peaceful civilization one must first exemplify a peaceful existence in their own personal life. It can be such a challenge to react in a loving and peaceful manner when your two-year old is screaming, you can't pay all your bills, you're late for work, and you are facing numerous other mundane and not so mundane life issues. I wonder how the lessons learned in my own personal life can be applied on a broader scale, or if they even matter. It seems to me that the people who choose to proliferate violence and hatred have taken these normal frustrating, painful, and humiliating personal experiences and chosen to handle them in a manner that causes more pain and suffering. A snow ball effect so to speak. Is it possible that having more conflict resolution and basic coping skills taught to all children from a very young age would eventually make a dicernable difference at some point in the not so distant future? read more »


Sometimes we are all talking about talking about things. Saying we won't say things. Inferring things. Summoning ghosts of arguments. and using inference and snide innuendo. This is not a criticism, this is simply the way that humans communicate.

We must shed our willful blindness.
To be pro peace we must examine our responses. Learn anew how to communicate. read more »


My name is Allan, I am 59, married and live in England about 50 miles from London. Despite having served in the RN for 17 Years I have always preferred a peaceful outcome to any conflict, and that goes for personal as well as global.

The are I live in is a New City built by the British Government in 1946 as an overflow for the many thousands that wanted to live in or reasonably close to our Capital London. The city has expanded beyond all expectations and we now have people living here from all over the globe. read more »



Ma doste derm

Ek het jou liefe

Ek is lief vir jou

Me dor wo

Te dua

Te dashoroj

Ti je zemra ime

Gosto de ti, porra !

Ich liebe Dich

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This vlogging initiative will be called as the Million Minutes Vlog4Peace. It is a vlog project dedicated for personal peace in particular and world peace in general. It will be vloggers contribution to making a peaceful and better world for all. read more »


Go googl. com, insert Failure and click on I'm feeling Lucky, what do you get. Is it a synonymous for failure, is it an intention or it's a fact!
Se what we get at ttp://

Do you get the same search result! read more »


I just ran across a website called that paraphrases search result content from Google. For example, I typed in the word "peace" to get a summary of content of search results for that word. Interesting results:

My favorites are "peace is at your doorstep" and "peace is a puzzle waiting to be solved". What are yours? read more »

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