Facts... Trayvon Martin stood his legal ground in self defence while making the mistake of bringing Skittles to a gun fight which George Zimmerman pursued...
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The essence of all the beauty which surrounds you...

All the joy that fills the cup of creation...

Endless beating hearts, sharing love and compassion toward each other...

Comprising every life, and each serendipitous moment with chance and opportunity to excel, pass or fail...
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The hand of man has laid heavy century after century,
upon earths natural harmony,
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A comment on the punishment of LaGarrette Blount for the punch he threw at a player on an opposing team after a college football game.

Here is the line to the latest "piece" 2.0 blog post - FAQ's about "piece" 2.0:

I look forward to your comments, question, thoughts, etc.


Can my reimagining of the self and social ever be anything other than a constant reinterpretation of the colonial experience?

"The eternal soundtrack of the denuded paddock remains, for me, the sound of that distant rabbit screaming in exquisite agony." read more »

Cool Hand Luke
Paul Leonard Newman
January 26 1925; September 26 2008

He was a quiet, private, Man
But, a giant, amongst the stars
A philanthropist to millions
And owned and drove racecars.

He was a producer and director
And an actor, beyond, compare
He won almost every award
A great talent, one, so rare.

His great films will last forever
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Do you believe in the power of intention to change the world? The synergistic effect of sharing a vision? The consciousness-raising effect of sharing celebration? read more »

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Taking Back Our Kids
Child rearing, never an easy endeavour, has become in many ways a countercultural activity.
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