Blog today May 14 2010: (trying to figure out how to post it)

First order of business is to write to CNN re their Fred Bloetscher
interview. What a hoax. How is it that I can sit in my little
village hut here in the lazy fishing village of Puerto Penasco,
Mexico, and with a pen and paper (my computer was stolen) (ha!! it read more »


Stretching sea to sea, embracing the full, luminous spectrum of humanity,

Grounded end to end through family, community and friends,

Arching high above, this perfect graceful bend, begs mankind to heal, reconcile and mend,

Lighted, natural pathway to the stars, energetic guiding thread sets it’s divine halo overhead,
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Life barely trickled down to earn it’s daily bread, each hungry mouth paid less every day than the cost of a single loaf, hardly enough to keep a scrappy, tin roof overhead,

Dark hollow shadows, bodies drawn out as stick figures, laboring on a good day just to survive,
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Born unto upright grace, each given individual faith, trusted to apply life’s gifts, with merit, upon every decision presented, between each breath one takes,
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We might have snow, or at least slush next week
according to the weather intelligentsia,
it is already tomorrow in Australia,
a tsunami passed by friends and strangers
in Hawaii yesterday
and today
almost 16000 children have already died
from hunger or hunger-related sickness,
the walls are still 30 feet high through what
is Palestine, the land of bulldozed olive trees read more »

Screaming, intolerant, radical fear, stirring racism, ideology and separatist, foolish glares,

Running rampant through its ignorance of global reality,

The last gasp of a dying age, struggling within an impenitency of hate and slur,
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Forever seems so long, long ago,

Traveling through eons of celestially, shadowed snow,

Mist covered, temporal glens, rolling, arcane hills,

Fog laden, spiritual sea’s, countless waves of mystical humanity,

Esoteric moments, held precious and close,

Oracular, enigmatic burdens carried, without boast,
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There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black:

1. He called everyone brother

2. He liked Gospel

3. He didn't get a fair trial

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was

1. He went into His Father's business read more »

Close your eyes and tell*me what you see,

Now open your eyes and listen to thee,

You once were blind, yet now you*see, a world of light and harmony,

Offering miracles of life and liberty, to all who share its true identity,

An amazing product of achievement an outstanding example of,

Respect, Regard, Relevance, Resolution
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The dark cancerous spot, lodged within the underbelly of success, oozing vile tendrils upon unsuspecting wretch,

Throbbing to a different miscreant beat, lacking charity, compassion or even a semblance of regret,
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