Americas Peace Museums kids against the manipulation of the
Israel kids. The best school of heatred is the war. the Israelite
children send a post cards of hatred to the enemies in Gaza. read more »


Please take the time to read this poignant slice of American life and see if you are willing to offer sympathy to all victims of war, including the attackers.

Miller remains a symbol. But it is no longer that of the tough-as-nails Marlboro Man. It is of the human cost of war . . .

. . . Miller is now a metaphor, not of steely resolve, but of pain and loss. He is a reminder of how war can destroy even those it does not kill. How it leaves behind a trail of victims, whether they are Iraqi civilians or a kid from the Kentucky hills.

Miller is proof that not all wounds received in combat can be seen by the naked eye.

Guardian UK: A Picture Made Him a Hero

Is this man a war criminal? read more »


Yesterday marked 100 days to the IDP, September 21st. held a live webcast with speakers Arun Gandhi, Robert Thurman, Dot Maven, Avon Mattison and others announcing the countdown. Much excitement is building for this year's observation, expected to be the largest ever. If you are planning an event on that day, please register at You may also register your orginaztion's support for the day here, There are currently over 1000 groups in over 100 countries signed on as supporters. read more »


If I were President by Mitchell Gold / Peacemaker:

Let us recognize I cannot bring them back without preparation. Just as in war, peace must be prepared for. If we bring them back too quickly more harm may be done than we might like to consider. Therefore:

Firstly, I would apologize to, and ask for foregiveness from Michael Berg and the American people and the people of the World for any actions that I may have taken in the past four years that did not serve humankind at the highest possible level of understanding. read more »


Neil Young has recorded a new album "Living With War". Amazing. Listen here for free.


MAY 20TH 2006
armed forces day
Defiance, OH
12:00 pm
courthouse lawn

for more information please contact Jessie
419 822 1455


[My response to my local Senator's request for my opinion on Immigration issue...
Just whose idea was it to build walls instead of bridges anyways? Spend money on unnecessary and ridiculous enforcements and enforcers when so many needs of housing, food, medical, and educational expenses are urgent?]

Where is the choice of "none of the above"? My husband and I believe that affirmation of "good work ethics" needs to be fully rewarded. We would like the RACISM that is FULLY FUNDED in this nation to be Halted at Once (no agency, housing, or employment is free from the INQUEST of "Race"). Our neighbors to the South and Southwest are hard workers and often add to the prosperity of many Americans as they do flee violence and extreme poverty in their previous neighborhoods. They deserve to be pardon for their desire to better their own life plight and left In Peace exactly where they have found employment, housing, and "a place in the sun". And voluntary learning of English ought to be encouraged as a means of "U-n-I-ty(Ties)". America's politics and social policies need to reach a level of maturity that seeks prosperity for all not just for those who spend time and "far too much money needed elsewhere(more pressing needs are feeding, housing, and educating the poor among us)" to loudly proclaim some STUPID "manifest destiny" that has cause nothing thoughout our nation's and that of others but annilihations and chaos. read more »


1. Today the UPS/API had a story about Bush having Iran targeted.
2. A reporter stated the Pentagon Leaked that Nuke Bunker Busting Bombs were planned for use!
3. The Iranians meanwhile reportedly told European Press/Reuters that they have asked for high level talks and invited intrusive Nuke weapons inspectors. read more »


We are now ready to train 1000 Goddesses of Gifting, who wish to support a cause, an artists, and themselves.

Please visit this location for more information on our campaigns.


[Cindy Sheehan's latest is a must-read for peace activists. So is the Scott Ritter piece she references on Alternet. Artie]

Being a so-called anti-war movement leader (at least to the MSM), brings much responsibility and so much love for the people and the groups who are working hard to end this insane occupation, but is this enough?

Recently, a blog written by an acquaintance, Scott Ritter, on AlterNet was called to my attention, where Scott, who is a self-proclaimed Republican conservative who courageously opposed this war from the beginning, is predicting the eminent demise of the anti-war movement. read more »

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