Day 23 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

The Status Quo is like a Hydra and yesterday its heads were cut off and it received a stunning blow to the chest. The real victory lies in the fact that we, the people have awakened and exercised our right to say no. However, the Hydra has already grown back its heads and the grab for power has begun on both sides of the fence. This has happened countless times in the history books of our planet, only to have the sovereignty of the people violently squelched or put back to sleep in a bed of apathy. read more »


"The problem lies in the unwillingness to recognize that your own terrorism is terrorism"
-Noam Chomsky

The American academic Noam Chomsky who has been the foremost critic of America's imperial adventures for more than three decades here tackles the roots of terrorism and the role of the U.S. and the British governments in fighting or spreading it.
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kindness is overlook and unappreciated. Try to think of someone else and show some kindness. I wonder how big the ripple will get? No matter how big or small I think something is better than nothing in this case.


La Embajada de EU en México desvirtuó los hechos sobre el
asesinato del documentalista independiente Brad Will, de Indymedia Nueva York, al boletinar que murió el día de ayer, en una manifestación violenta de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO). Este hecho pone en peligro la vida de muchas personas y existe un estado de alerta máxima ante la posibilidad de una represión mayor por parte del Ejército mexicano. read more »


im new to this website, but have been active in anti-war rallies all over iowa. and lately something disturbing has come to my attention, people dont care. they may sit around and talk about being an activist, but thats all they do is talk about it. and i want to make a difference. anyone interested in joining an anti-war rally (in lynn county iowa) should contact me here~~> i would like to say something else.... read more »


Please accept this special invitation for the first on line professional television network dedicated to promote the cause of peace and justice. We appreciate your comments and feed back. Your support to review and perhaps forward this email to your group will further promote the struggle for human rights

May God bless you

Tayie Rehem


Tomorrow is October 24 - the last day to tell the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pull the
plug on AT&T's $80 billion merger unless the media
giant agrees to keep the Internet free and open. Your
message to the FCC will strengthen the hand of
Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein,
who are our net neutrality champions.

On October 13, Copps and Adelstein refused to approve read more »


Once upon a long ago, the music died when we read about the widowed bride. So went our homey apple pie, for something touched us deep inside that day on which all who were alive then, still remember where we were and what we were doing as we began to sing dirges in the dark.

Now recently, we have commemorated the day our freedoms died. One morning we woke up in innocence, enjoying our right to come and go without interference, and by evening, every American citizen had become a suspect. We've been stripped and searched, interrogated, audio and video taped. Our purchases are monitored while the media directs with fine choreography the grip of fear, moving from one event to the next, keeping the populace in a state of knowing. Knowing that if the terrorists don't get us, the birds will. We are the prey of the fear mongers and are oblivious to the fact that it is too late. read more »



Call for Submissions: War & Dialogue

Launching November 1, 2006
"When I think of how best to define my generation, these days one thing comes to mind: war." - Lisa Ling, Journalist

Let us take you beyond the headlines and show you how war is affecting the lives of young women around the world-both in conflict zones and outside them. As a result of recent fighting, millions of people are living in diaspora, migration is the trademark of this generation. What is it like to start a new life in a new place? read more »







The International Museum of Women invites you to be a part of Imagining Ourselves, an online global exhibit featuring art, photographs, essays and film by young women in their 20s and 30s answering the question, "What defines your generation?" read more »

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