Not for Nothin'

Upon the recommendation of W. S. Merwin
I've begun this poem with only the title
and no clue as to where it may go.
Not for nothin' do I write these words
and turn to look back at them, hoping
this act of reinvestigation will open
a crack in the universe through which I
might slip outside to see the whole of my life.

And so seeing, could give it a coherence that read more »


Those who ignore the dignity, will and power of The*People, shall each in turn meet their abdication...

Bruce Larson*Moore

The Department of Peace idea was voted one of the top 10 ideas at With this the work of The Peace Alliance gains a very powerful advocate in Civic Action. read more »

On the right you'll see a link to "Ideas for Change in America". Click the "vote now" button to vote for "Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace". It's time that peace had a seat at the table of power.

In the world we are working to co-create, Social Change Activists have the support they need for their unique challenges. The purpose of the PSCCC is to provide an opportunity for Social Change Activists to support each other by offering a free, open Proactive Social Change Conference Call based on the idea of a leaderful circle. read more »


I've retitled this news from Louise Diamond, author of "The Peace Book." She called it "Death and Re-Birth on the Path." read more »

While We Fan The Flame

Some people think new drilling
Up In ANWR and offshore
Is the only, best, solution
So, we can produce some more.

Doesn’t anyone have suspicions
About those White House oilmen
Who let the price run rampant
Doesn’t anyone blame them?

You can bet they will happy
Laughing their way to the bank
I wonder, after they leave office read more »

The following is a piece that has been submitted to the project, "One Million Peace Signs" as an answer to their call for folks to identify "Peace Heroes". I've asked that they publish the submission sometime this week, since the peace ride begins on Friday. Here's a preview for you folks. read more »

This came from Dwight Fee of the LowCountry of South Carolina. read more »

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