Here is a radically different approach to our peacemaking. This is a book to help both Israelis and Palestinians (and the rest of us) see our religions, our lives and ourselves in a larger way so our true commonality can be seen and attractive possibilities can be recognized and pursued. read more »


What to do? What to do... I don't have 'the answer' but since I was asked, I will gladly share with you what I do; some of the ways I remain active and deal with the madness that is the Bush 'war on terror' in particular and its foreign policies in general. read more »


Transcendental Meditation to Revolutionize the World for Peace on Earth

The 21st century will become known as the century of the human mind where man finally begins to use much more than five of ten percent of the human brain. Transcendental Meditation is beginning to revolutionize the world and it will create Peace on Earth - grandiose as an idea as it may sound. Once too were grandiose ideas that people thought were impossible and never could be such as electricity, the telephone, the cellular phone, the automobile, the airplane, a man on the moon, the personal computer, the internet. Well awesome are the days of Peace on Earth emerging gradually day by day upon us - read more »


The Law of Reciprocation


What goes around comes around.

Plant kindness and gather love.

Do bad things and in return have bad things done back unto you.

Do good things and in return have good things done back unto you.

The law of reciprocation = God's law.

Rich nations bully poor nations into deeper poverty then in return the rich nation will have bad karma.

Have unfair trade in the world to favor the rich nations and the rich nations not help the poor nations then God's law of reciprocation will apply and what goes around will come around = plant unkindness then gather hate. read more »


Heavenly Father Please Bless Us Speedily - Prayer/Song

[Use original songs: One Love - Bob Marley + Not one Blood Clot Shall Escape the judgment day - Bob Marley (rare interview) + Lets Get together and Feel alright - Bob Marley - Mix Tracks]

- equal rights and justice - fair trade - elimination of poverty

Heavenly Father please speedily enter our hearts

Heavenly Father please speedily Bless us with: read more »


Money worshipers are Warlords (Warlords trade lives for billions)


Aired (CNN Headline News) February 10, 2006 - 17:00 ET


Forget for a minute about Saddam or whether he had weapons of mass destruction. There are now indications that the U.S. intelligence community warned about exactly the kinds of things that we're seeing happen in Iraq. A former CIA officer says the Bush administration cherry-picked intelligence to support a decision it had already made to go to war. Paul Pillar (ph), who talked to Wolf during the last hour here on THE SITUATION ROOM, says there was no request for an assessment of post- invasion Iraq until a year after the war began. That the intelligence community did assessments before the invasion that indicated post- invasion Iraq would not provide fertile ground for democracy. It hasn't.That oil revenue would fall short of being enough to restoring Iraq's economy. It has.And that Sunnis and Shiites would fight for power. And they are. So what exactly are we doing? The war is a huge drain on America resources, hundreds of billions of dollars. The Iraqi economy light years away from being rebuilt. No sign of the oil revenue we were told would pay for all of this. And there's nothing approaching a consensus among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds about the political direction of Iraq. So here's the question. In light of these new revelations about prewar intelligence that forecast a lot of this stuff, is there any point in staying in Iraq? E-mail us at read more »



Greg Jones'
Special World Peace Song
Now FREE RingTone!

New Anthem for World Peace garnering accolades worldwide!
Launches 'Operation FREE PeaceTone'
Revolutionary method to promote world peace

(Cleveland, Ohio USA Feb., 2006) Greg Jones, composer of what many consider to be the New Anthem for World Peace has announced the launch of 'Operation FREE PeaceTone', where his special peace song entitled GOD BLESS THE WORLD-NOT JUST AMERICA (Orville Records) is now available as a cell phone ringtone absolutely FREE ! Everyone, worldwide can now have the chorus of the special peace anthem sent directly to their cell phones to be used as ringtones absolutely FREE. 'We'd like to see at least 6 million cell phone owners with the peace anthem as their ringtone through this revolutionary method of spreading the musical message of Peace,' states Jones, the writer, composer, producer and performer of the new special peace CD which is garnering accolades worldwide. This free ringtone will be instantly sent to your cell phone for free, in real tone (which means sounds like the CD) and will ring the beautifully harmonic message 'God Bless the World, Not Just America, God Bless the whole wide world, so we can live in Peace...'. read more »


We just announced this campaign, to shift valuable resources to Indie Musicians that support important good causes.

Please stop by, and let us know how we can serve your needs.



France will hold a national day of remembrance for the victims of slavery every 10 May, President Jacques Chirac has announced.
The date for the annual holiday was chosen as it marks the day in 2001 when France passed a law recognising slavery as a crime against humanity.

He said children should be taught about slavery at primary and secondary school as part of the national curriculum.

He said UN figures suggest more than 20 million people were in slavery today. read more »


Polygamy proposal for Chechen men

Chechnya has lost so many men to war that survivors should be legally allowed to take several wives, acting Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov has said.
Speaking on Russian radio, the pro-Moscow leader said this was "necessary for Chechnya because we have war - we have more women than men".

s read more »

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