Response to Star-Telegram article on "Anti-War" activists:
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Of their time, the goal was set by cruel decree,
Strident air inside the darkness, makeshift home,
The winter birds in their towering cage,
Peering out at all the swagger of green,
Ground level feeding under neon strobe
Where filled yellow taxis and fancy blue suits jingle
Turnstile iciness against the ancient use of this globe.

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Singer Annie Lennox has been presented with this year's woman of peace honour at a summit of Nobel Peace Laureates which took place in Berlin.
The former Eurythmics star scooped the prestigious prize for her work raising awareness of HIV and Aids.
Lennox, 54, has raised $2m (£1.2m) since 2003 with her charitable campaign Sing, which provides South Africans with treatment and testing.
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15 Reasons To Get Out Of Vietghanistan
David Swanson
October 07, 2009

1. The planning of 9-11 was done in hotels and apartments in Germany and Spain, and flight schools in the United States. Even Paul Pillar, former CIA deputy chief for counter-terrorism will tell you that an al Qaeda base in Afghanistan would not significantly increase threats to the United States. read more »


15 reasons to get out of Vietghanistan
David Swanson
October 07, 2009 read more »

I'm a doctor, mainly retired, who has just had my new book published, "The Peace Prescription; Five Key Steps We Can Take to Prevent Wars". It is based on my experience helping people for years with behavioral issues causing illness, and on my having learned that advocating or initiating violence is the most serious and dangerous of all human behavioral disorders. read more »

Judged through color and breed, based upon handling by greed and a few bad seeds,

A life yet complete, nor given the chance to share the love of which it is so replete,

Caught between policy and intolerance, supporters muzzled by legal wrangling,
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The Peace Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of DoPeace, our online community of, by and for volunteers with The Peace Alliance, Student Peace Alliance and the Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace. At DoPeace, we come together to celebrate, support and foster effective and FUN citizen-based peace activism. read more »

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