The C.H.A.O.S. Effect
Citizens Helping Atone Our System
World*Peace + Global*Healing


<+> First a few Facts, borne out through HISTORY...

No political system, religious doctrine nor scientific endeavor has ever created global peace, security and prosperity.
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Thoughts are things, words are power, action is authority...

Those who have the power, will and authority to rewrite history...

Have NO need to burn or ban it's truth...

For their deceptions bury he'r under the subtle thumb of dogmatism...



Drill Baby Drill... Six million a day to cap the spill,

Tic Toc... Tic Toc, poison fish stocks, oil slick rocks,

Burn Baby Burn... Money that could have created True*Profit,

Had Greed not driven your Creed...


I thought my friends in the UK might want to follow the development and implementation of our pro-peace 'Civil Liberties Observer Group' at the Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival for 2010 (on the 1st and 2nd of May).

I will post the Newsletters as they are generated (along with links to the various web pages dealing with the Mardi Grass).

Mid way through the month - as we are organising our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for this project I will request our ProPeace friends in the UK to assist us with suggestions drawn from their own experience. read more »


Fuzzy wuzzy hope and change, how’s that working Mr. Brains,

Divide and conquer is the rule, don’t you get Avatar, Mr. Cool-Fool,

Lesson here son, boy oh boy, watch how fear, hate and ridicule runs and runs a party packing guns,
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Welcome my friend to the lobby that never mends,

Credit and debt, corporate agendas always met,

Consumer, taxpayer and citizens pay our bills, while the environment suffers the road kill,

Airways, waterways, public health, trash it all to build our wealth,
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Over and over The*People cry for peace, healing and justice to prevail,

Again and again the empires of greed, prejudice, and control ply their halfway measures of building an unstable facade of hope and caring,
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