Where Allegiance Lies

I hear some people talking politics
And, can’t believe some things I hear
They’re so blinded by allegiances
They won't seek out, the truth, they fear.

They won’t try to see past the lies
Won’t believe, (although they know)
The path of their favored Party
Is not where, they really want to go.

But, rather than do the right thing read more »

Super Duper Tuesday
(or maybe, "Next to the Last Chance!")

We get our chance at the polls
If you don't vote, don't complain
This time, to choose who we'll pick
When November comes again.

Let's hope the machines are fixed
That the ballots are counted true
That, there's no "fix" with our votes
Or old paper might replace the new.

Some say, “It's the status quo!” read more »

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