The word HERO triggered energy within myself, and that is why I am responding. I spent one and a half deployments in Iraq, so I have heard and Experienced the word hero heard thousands of times personally. Before, during and shortly after my first deployment I felt immense proud and gratitude to those who said it and from within. read more »

POW/MIA Missing Man Ceremony

There’s a table in the front
Raised so that it draws attention
Reserved for all those missing
Still not found or in detention.

Set for six of those missing
One each, for branches Serving
One place for lost Civilians
Whom, are felt just as deserving.

The table is shaped in the round
For the everlasting concern
As all of us, hope and pray read more »

He thinks about crouching in the back of a Humvee
watching bullets crash into fuel tanks during his first firefight,
and about waiting back at base for the vodka his mother sent him,
dyed blue and concealed in bottles of Scope mouthwash.

New Generation Of Homeless Vets Emerges

ERIN MCCLAM Associated Press
| January 20, 2008 11:16 AM EST |
      read more »


One hundred twenty Vets a week
That's more than seventeen per day
Who couldn't handle things they saw
Or the price, they were asked to pay.

Wounds of War don't always show
And feelings are not always spoken
Sometimes the others cannot see
When will, heart, and soul are broken.

It's finally becoming very clear
That, most who go through that hell read more »

This past week I had the honor of helping to set up "The Wall That Heals", a half-sized, traveling replica of "The Wall" in Washington, at the VFW in Dickson, TN. This year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the dedication of "The Wall".


They are listed in the order
Of the way our Heroes fell
Behind each name many stories
That, they never got to tell. read more »

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