Smile ;) for the world is a better place, thanx in part to M*J, and now its left to us, to make it better... Heal the World... RIP*Michael...

Bruce Larson*Moore

Angels walk among us, as we look to the heavens, for salvation.... and so it is left to us, to heal the world... RIP*Farrah...

Bruce Larson*Moore

While peace starts within, it must not end there. Your physical presence is needed or your peace cannot penetrate and perpetuate. I've come to believe that much of our problem today is due to the fact that violence makes more noise and moves around so much more than peace, and consequently violence gets more media coverage than peace.

The Olive Branch A Global Strategy of Nonviolence

To all the people in the world, an amazing opportunity is at our fingertips! The world is ecstatic about Obama’s election. This is a time for “people” to stand up, speak out, and reach out to others with the olive branch. read more »

GANDHI'S GRANDSON SPEAKS - World Without Violence
I know this may be a bit of a travel...........but it might just interest some.....reasonable accomodations can be arranged if you don't want to drive home that night (Unity Retreat Centre)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ read more »

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