ron paul

by Michael Shanklin

Ron Paul explains why torture should not be allowed or encouraged and discusses why it is unAmerican.

While the $700 billion bailout seemed a certainty only two days ago, public outcry from the public and bi-partisan concern about giving the Treasury Department carte blanche has put some speed bumps in the path of passing this historical legislation. read more »

This Friday evening, on the campus of the University of Mississippi, the two major contenders for the US Presidency will square off in a debate on foreign policy. While one might expect differences over the Iraqi War, Musings from Maytown declares that few substantive differences separate the two candidates on foreign policy. read more »

by Shana Kluck

Denouncing Russian military action against Georgia, Senator McCain said, “in the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.”

Like Iraq?

Apparently, the Bush administration agrees: read more »

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