Many months have passed since I have written in this blog. These have not been idle months. They have been filled with personal discovery and growth, accompanied by changes in life's expression. I am not given to expounding endlessly the play-by-play of my life. The accumulation of experiences over time, combined with the suspension of over-thinking and -analyzing them, can create a wonderful thrust of understanding and evolution at a carefully chosen moment. Words fall short, so I am often silent. read more »

We seek a peace that is not submissive or passive. It is not the peace of surrender but the peace of empowerment. Not the peace of maintaining the status quo but the peace of fully conscious growth and evolvement. This peace we seek is not a weakness or a powerlessness. Quite the contrary it requires rigor and discipline and perseverance and focused intention. This peace is not for the faint of heart.

It is for the full of heart! We seek a peace that expresses our power through love. read more »

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