positive peace

May we love ever more.
May we motivate ourselves to committed love in Action.
May we motivate ourselves to live the life we wish to see in the world.
May we be the transformation we wish to see in the world.
From the inside out . . .
From the roots branching upwards . . .
From the heart
to thought
to word
to action.
Through life's trials and hardships
we can arise beautiful and free. read more »

(first published Dallas Peace Times, July 2008 issue; www.DallasPeaceCenter.org) read more »

DAY 42 Mar. 12: The practice for today is ACCOUNTABILITY. In conflicting situations, personal accountability allows me to take responsibility for how I contribute to the conflict. I can then make a different choice that can lead to a peaceful resolution. read more »

Peace... Do we have a definition that satisfies us? or do we have an amorphous cloud of ambulating feeling that seems to defy being compressed into mere words? read more »

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