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It is easier to wage war against nameless, faceless strangers than it is to raise weapons against friends.
Make as many friends in as many corners of the world as possible.
Make communities across oceans. read more »

"Planting Peace"

An Affirmation for Well-Being

Every day
when we rise
we can make
the decision
to plant
the seeds of peace...
through our thoughts
speech and actions
we have the power
to maintain
our own well-being
and while the spirit crushers
and war mongers
attempt to infect us
with their malignancy
our serenity
will shield us
from their strife... read more »

Washington Post-ABC News Polling on Iraq War
Released April 18, 2008 read more »

DAY 33 Mar. 3: The practice for today is ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Acknowledgement helps us see the oneness of all life, that we are part of a greater purpose, and by doing so, elevate our awareness of nonviolence. When I acknowledge someone, how could I possibly do harm toward them? read more »

DAY 30 Feb. 28: The practice for today is MAKING AMENDS. The other side of forgiveness is making amends, when it is you who has been - or needs to be - forgiven for hurt or wrongdoing you may have caused. As with forgiveness, the gift of making amends - to yourself and to whoever has been hurt or wronged - is revealed when it is given unconditionally from your heart. read more »

DAY 28 Feb. 26: The practice for today is LISTENING. Can you stop what you are doing and thinking, and take time to truly listen to the feelings behind someone's words to you? Being fully present for the conversation and interested in what that person is saying is a practice of nonviolence. read more »

DAY 24 Feb. 22: The practice for today is HARMONY. Choosing NOT to engage in any form of gossip today contributes to harmony. Choosing to see the good in others rather than finding fault leads to peaceful relationships. By making these choices, we are contributing to a culture of nonviolence, we are being a model of peace. read more »

DAY 23 Feb. 21: The thought for today is PRAYER. “Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can” said Gandhi.
Begin and end the day with a prayer for peace. Peace begins with me.
Saint Francis of Assisi said it this way:
"..... make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon; read more »

DAY 15 Feb. 13: The practice for today is REVERENCE. Reverence for all life is fundamental to Ahimsa; it is the ultimate rationale for nonviolence - for how can one willingly do harm to that for which one has reverence - and towards which one has the love that reverence engenders? read more »

There's so much positive energy with the Propeace movement and approach verses the "anti" approaches. I came across a video from a young group called Blue-Eyed Sisters which made me think and decide to actually DO something besides "think." Here's the link if you wish to check it out: read more »

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