“I Am a Free Spirit”

An Affirmation & Meditation for Inner Peace, Strength, and Healing

I will heal
And not harm

I will love
And not hate

I will restore
And not demolish

I will help
And not hurt

I will seek to understand
And not judge or dismiss

I will grow
And not stagnate

I will be respectful
And not rude

I will be compassionate
And not cruel read more »

As you know I have been writing a lot about peace these days. I feel compelled to stimulate the dialogue about peace and a better world. I do this because I fully believe in the human capacity to live according to the higher ideals of a loving and compassionate world. These higher values and capacities are simply in waiting, ready at any time for us to call forward the best and greatest in us. read more »

I was irresistably attracted to the simple explanation of bliss excerpted from "The Nature of Bliss: Balance, Love, Integrity, Sexuality, Soul" by Maureen Moss in the World Puja newsletter. The book is available at The World Puja Store in print or on CD. I can't resist sharing the excerpt with my favorite on-line community. read more »


Five Things You Can Do To Change the World
You can be a wise and conscious human being and be a positive force for a better world. Here are 5 ways to make a real difference: read more »

Peace begins with us is obvious!
Ive found the best way to personal peace is to meditate!
A beautific calm radiates out from the centre of our very being when we meditate!
People of all faiths,castes,creeds and colour have,sometimes,an unknown need to meditate because the body temple is crying out to have some excercise for the soul!
Our very being.......

Robert Elliott Lang

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