Today's society has become too dependent on BIG government, government programs, government hand outs and even corporate welfare. The education system has been hijacked and corrupted by the politicians from DC. In fact, it only teachers what the government wants you to be educated on. Government has got its nose into everything and now it is even affecting our freedom. read more »

Peace begins with us is obvious!
Ive found the best way to personal peace is to meditate!
A beautific calm radiates out from the centre of our very being when we meditate!
People of all faiths,castes,creeds and colour have,sometimes,an unknown need to meditate because the body temple is crying out to have some excercise for the soul!
Our very being.......

Robert Elliott Lang


[inline:In The Nights Reflection©.jpg]

" May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears." ..... silent lotus

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