Every moment .....more atrocities !!!!!

Iraq Body Count an ongoing human security project which maintains and updates
the world’s largest public database of violent civilian deaths
during and since the 2003 invasion.

The count encompasses non-combatants
killed by military or paramilitary action
and the breakdown in civil security read more »

They Won't Be Home For Christmas

Another year, American Heroes
Are fighting in a foreign land
And there is still, no end in sight
A part of life they hadn't planned.

They do their duty without question
And they all stand proud and tall
They are placed there in harm's way
As they answer, our Country's call.

They'll get by the best they can
And improvise ingenious ways read more »


Nearly three thousand killed
On that sad and fateful day
And more dying all the time
Since our Nation lost it's way.

We went after the terrorists
Rightly, in Afghanistan
Then, the invasion of Iraq
Began that War of a flawed plan.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda
Were going down with their defeat
Then we quit, took Troops away read more »

After hearing for the umpteenth time how we must fight our enemies over there so we don't have to fight them here, I actually felt a twinge of compassion because I realized the president simply doesn't know any other way! read more »

I was raised in Spokane, but have lived in Canada most of my adult life. I remember so clearly the night of March 20, 2003, the beginning of the war in Iraq. I was out driving around and I turned my radio on to hear the 5 o'clock news. The announcer said the US had started bombing Baghdad. I pulled off to the side of the road to cry. I felt so utterly helpless. read more »

O! This vessel!
It wants! O! It requests
Bravery within it! As a child
In a storm.

We know terror.
It kills, and it drives our minds
To heart-thrusted vengeance
Of an incident, a day, a moment
Replayed over and over.

Ominous! War is ominous!

O! War! War
Abhors hope! Hates it
Like a field of dancing flowers
And children clad in dreams
Upon their delight.

But peace. read more »

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