It is wrong to try to stifle Iran.

Nuclear Proliferation cannot be stopped. It is a natural process, once a technology is invented it spreads.

Nuclear Proliferation is not something to be afraid of.

Mutually Assured Destruction kept the peace between the Soviet Union and the United States for decades. read more »


Those drums are beating once again
As we try to force our will, once more
Has our government come to the point
Thinking, all can be, resolved by war?

Maybe with some more negotiations
And the “resolve”, Bush speaks about
Instead of,jumping the gun (no pun)
The war in Iraq, we could be, without!

Seems all they know is, threaten read more »

The House resolution to impeach Dick Cheney that was introduced by Dennis Kucinich has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. I don't think it will happen - not because there's not support for it, because there is, but because the man is too smart to allow for the investigation of his execution of the mandates of his office. If he sees that Congress is serious, he'll simply resign. read more »

Five Easy Pieces to Iran

The Jigsaw to Armageddon

Yeah, folks, you can bet the ranch: we’re going in. I’ve heard all the arguments from the nay sayers, so let that go. We’re going in. read more »

The U.S. and Iran are engaging diplomatic relations after a 27 year silence. I know those who expect everything to be resolved in a single stroke will wax cynical about this news. But I think this is commendable. Nothing can be solved unless two conflicting parties engage with each other. read more »

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