inner peace

The recent horrific killing of Stephen Brown at the Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller at his church sent me reeling. I felt deep despair, and thought, how can someone do this to another human being, with no sense of compassion or respect, just cold-blooded murder. Where does such apparent hatred for another human being come from? What drives it and feeds it, what forces us to act on it? read more »

In April, we celebrate Earth Day. I'm not sure why we don't celebrate Earth Day every day of the year, but at least we have set aside one day to honor and recognize our relationship with our mother earth. Like so many other things in life, our relationship with the earth is a reflection of our inner feelings, thoughts and relationship with ourselves. read more »

64 Days, 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ read more »

DAY 34 Mar. 4: The practice for today is LOVE. Gandhi wrote, “nonviolence is based on the assumption that human nature ... unfailingly responds to the advances of love.” read more »

Today I got a newsletter from Eckhart Tolle. He and Oprah are doing a 10-week course for free about his latest book The New Earth. This enlightened book of is an excellent read and it will absolutely expand your thinking. His first book The Power Of Now is a classic book about being a more conscious human being. read more »

Below is an excerpt from a post to the Appalachian Peace Education Center list-serve that illustrates "evolving from anti-war to propeace." The author is Kitty Hegemann. read more »

The Mares of the night take the right to interfere with sleep,
Ride with the furies, and kick up the sheets.
Mares of the night fear daylight, so they disappear
When the cock crows, "Go! Go! Get away from here."
Mares of the night have wings, and take flight,
And wish for peace to end their plight.
Fright was not the intent when mares took wing. read more »

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