Jonathan Reed is a 20-something native of Atlanta and a student at Columbia College in Chicago, and he wrote the palindrome below about himself and his peers, the so-called Lost Generation. As depressing as it is when you read it as written, it is just as uplifting in reverse. To reverse it, read line by line from the bottom up.

The Lost Generation
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On November 7, 2008, a news article was published about Bullies Enjoy Being Mean, which describes a scientific study of brain activity of aggressive children watching videos of someone inflicting pain on another person. The article supports my belief that humans become addicted to aggression-produced brain chemistry in the same way that they become addicted to drugs. read more »

War's tentacles are, unfortunately, almost everywhere. read more »

I was raised in Spokane, but have lived in Canada most of my adult life. I remember so clearly the night of March 20, 2003, the beginning of the war in Iraq. I was out driving around and I turned my radio on to hear the 5 o'clock news. The announcer said the US had started bombing Baghdad. I pulled off to the side of the road to cry. I felt so utterly helpless. read more »

O! This vessel!
It wants! O! It requests
Bravery within it! As a child
In a storm.

We know terror.
It kills, and it drives our minds
To heart-thrusted vengeance
Of an incident, a day, a moment
Replayed over and over.

Ominous! War is ominous!

O! War! War
Abhors hope! Hates it
Like a field of dancing flowers
And children clad in dreams
Upon their delight.

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