The Olive Branch A Global Strategy of Nonviolence

To all the people in the world, an amazing opportunity is at our fingertips! The world is ecstatic about Obama’s election. This is a time for “people” to stand up, speak out, and reach out to others with the olive branch. read more »

Announcement 2008 June 21

IN ONE YEAR, by June 21, 2009, the beginning of a new era could begin!
Women, you are one step away from changing the world, if you decide to take it.

Letter to Kim Gandy, President of NOW

Dear Ms. Gandy: read more »

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Invitational Artists4Peace online campaign. The entire information set is here.

We encourage artists that align with the precepts of Gandhian principles of Ahimsa and Sataygraha, to consider adding their artistic expressions to this venture. read more »

GANDHI'S GRANDSON SPEAKS - World Without Violence
I know this may be a bit of a travel...........but it might just interest some.....reasonable accomodations can be arranged if you don't want to drive home that night (Unity Retreat Centre)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ read more »

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