Maybe We Should

Maybe We Should –
Have ourselves an “adjustment”
And let the fat cats feel the pain
To bring our economy in line
And not let, this happen again.

Maybe We Should -
Get rid of the Federal Reserve
Which is illegal, anyway
President Kennedy gave a decree (I)
And said, they should go away.

Maybe We Should –
Make sure all the people know read more »

by Shana Kluck

Denouncing Russian military action against Georgia, Senator McCain said, “in the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.”

Like Iraq?

Apparently, the Bush administration agrees: read more »


The Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Movement is an Educational Movement!

The purpose of the movement is to form a World Wide Educational Movement that will Educate on The Philosophy of Liberty, Self-Ownership. read more »

Today's society has become too dependent on BIG government, government programs, government hand outs and even corporate welfare. The education system has been hijacked and corrupted by the politicians from DC. In fact, it only teachers what the government wants you to be educated on. Government has got its nose into everything and now it is even affecting our freedom. read more »

I have attached two links to two youtube video' s that explain the illegalities of this current government. Please watch the videos and then send them to people that you know and ask them to do the same. read more »

"Planting Peace"

An Affirmation for Well-Being

Every day
when we rise
we can make
the decision
to plant
the seeds of peace...
through our thoughts
speech and actions
we have the power
to maintain
our own well-being
and while the spirit crushers
and war mongers
attempt to infect us
with their malignancy
our serenity
will shield us
from their strife... read more »

As you know I have been writing a lot about peace these days. I feel compelled to stimulate the dialogue about peace and a better world. I do this because I fully believe in the human capacity to live according to the higher ideals of a loving and compassionate world. These higher values and capacities are simply in waiting, ready at any time for us to call forward the best and greatest in us. read more »

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