Where Allegiance Lies

I hear some people talking politics
And, can’t believe some things I hear
They’re so blinded by allegiances
They won't seek out, the truth, they fear.

They won’t try to see past the lies
Won’t believe, (although they know)
The path of their favored Party
Is not where, they really want to go.

But, rather than do the right thing read more »

Washington Post-ABC News Polling on Iraq War
Released April 18, 2008 read more »

Yes We Can, Stand For Change We Can Believe In!

Are we finally coming of age
Are the answers within reach
Can we take our Country back
Fight what the corporations preach?

Will it be for, we the people
The way, it was meant to be
Can we stop the loss of our rights
Return to, the land of the free?

One man cannot change it all
He can't take it all apart read more »

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