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I'm here in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas enjoying the PEACE Block Party hosted by ArtSpirit to celebrate International Day of Peace. DPC has a table here, and I'm talking with people about the DPC and why they might want to join. And then I see the Channel 33 news crew doing interviews. So I wander over that way, surely they will want to talk with me. But what will I say? read more »

As I sit here on the eve of the eighth 9-11 Remembrance, I find the image is still fresh in my mind. I also find the question I asked eight years ago - could this have been prevented - is also still fresh in my mind. I know the answer is YES, but not in a way of prevention or monitoring or collecting information or connecting-the-dots. read more »

The recent horrific killing of Stephen Brown at the Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller at his church sent me reeling. I felt deep despair, and thought, how can someone do this to another human being, with no sense of compassion or respect, just cold-blooded murder. Where does such apparent hatred for another human being come from? What drives it and feeds it, what forces us to act on it? read more »

In April, we celebrate Earth Day. I'm not sure why we don't celebrate Earth Day every day of the year, but at least we have set aside one day to honor and recognize our relationship with our mother earth. Like so many other things in life, our relationship with the earth is a reflection of our inner feelings, thoughts and relationship with ourselves. read more »

The Centre for P.E.A.C.E. in cooperation with Digos City officials, the Rotary Club of Digos, religious and other partner organizations proudly presents the “Kalinaw: Panaghoy sa Mindanao” (Mindanao Cries for Peace) a series of peace-related events in Digos City starting Wednesday Sept. 19 and culminating on Friday, Sept. 21. read more »

The Peace Report, Issue #6
By Louise Diamond, Ph.D.

The Building a Culture of Peace conference coming soon in Santa Fe has spawned a very interesting phenomenon. It seems some of the local peace groups (especially anti-nuclear weapons proliferation groups, as befits the area around Los Alamos) are ‘up in arms’ about the conference.

They have various complaints (the State of New Mexico, which is sponsoring the event, cannot do so with integrity since it is aligned with the nuclear industry; the money for the conference would be better spent being given to the complaining peace organizations; no issues of real substance will be discussed there and no new ideas will come out of it; etc.) read more »

By Robert C. Koehler

Tribune Media Services

The news went straight to the Dad Zone of my heart and I thought about my 20-year-old daughter finishing up her junior year in St. Paul, Minn. I thought about book bags and attitude, tentative career plans and those uncomfortable plastic chairs with the flip-up elbow rests — the stuff of a young person’s becoming — and then I went numb with grief.

On the most ordinary of ordinary days this week, on a different campus but in my mind the same campus, the future was shattered with a methodical popping noise. read more »

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