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Response to Star-Telegram article on "Anti-War" activists:
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I'm here in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas enjoying the PEACE Block Party hosted by ArtSpirit to celebrate International Day of Peace. DPC has a table here, and I'm talking with people about the DPC and why they might want to join. And then I see the Channel 33 news crew doing interviews. So I wander over that way, surely they will want to talk with me. But what will I say? read more »

As I sit here on the eve of the eighth 9-11 Remembrance, I find the image is still fresh in my mind. I also find the question I asked eight years ago - could this have been prevented - is also still fresh in my mind. I know the answer is YES, but not in a way of prevention or monitoring or collecting information or connecting-the-dots. read more »

**WARNING** B9 Virus (also known as the "benign" virus) epidemic is causing massive outbreaks of peace. B9 is very contagious, especially among young children and the elderly. The most common means of transmission are hugs in excess of 20 seconds in length, and peace symptoms are also suspected of coming from long walks on ocean beaches or in deep mountain forests. read more »

The recent horrific killing of Stephen Brown at the Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller at his church sent me reeling. I felt deep despair, and thought, how can someone do this to another human being, with no sense of compassion or respect, just cold-blooded murder. Where does such apparent hatred for another human being come from? What drives it and feeds it, what forces us to act on it? read more »

DAY 50 Mar. 20: The practice for today is CHOICE. Be aware of any jokes or remarks that show disrespect toward ethnic groups, women or men, classes of people, religious groups, gays or lesbians. By being considerate of every person's dignity and by choosing not to participate in disrespectful communication, I am contributing to a nonviolent society. read more »

64 Days, 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence
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Knowing that every time of peace in human history ended in a war, what should "Peace on Earth" look like, so it would not result in a war again? read more »

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