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“I Am a Free Spirit”

An Affirmation & Meditation for Inner Peace, Strength, and Healing

I will heal
And not harm

I will love
And not hate

I will restore
And not demolish

I will help
And not hurt

I will seek to understand
And not judge or dismiss

I will grow
And not stagnate

I will be respectful
And not rude

I will be compassionate
And not cruel read more »

He thinks about crouching in the back of a Humvee
watching bullets crash into fuel tanks during his first firefight,
and about waiting back at base for the vodka his mother sent him,
dyed blue and concealed in bottles of Scope mouthwash.

New Generation Of Homeless Vets Emerges

ERIN MCCLAM Associated Press
| January 20, 2008 11:16 AM EST |
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Five Things You Can Do To Change the World
You can be a wise and conscious human being and be a positive force for a better world. Here are 5 ways to make a real difference: read more »


" May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears." ..... silent lotus

It is the anniversary of the death of Marla Ruzicka, who died in Iraq giving hope and help to the victims of the war. She was a shining example of how a person can take effective action to promote peace, love and understanding. read more »

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