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This is the Age 4 Armed Revolution,

Citizens armed with knowledge,

Politicians armed with courage,

Governments armed with trust,

Corporations armed with humanity,

Groups armed with cooperation,

Environment armed with fitness,

Community armed with civility,
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Growing*Up is for wannabes, Growing*Old is for underachievers, Growing*Wise is for the courageous, Growing*Humble is highly recommended and commendable ;)

Bruce Larson*Moore

The beauty and comfort of winter, rest in the calm, stillness of he'r embrace and the warm, strength of he'r heart.

Bruce Larson*Moore

Do you look into a mirror each morning ?
Then you have seen the face of truth.

Do you greet your colleagues at work each day ?
Then you have greeted the work of truth.

Do you meet with friends and neighbors ?
Then you have met the companions of truth.

Do you share with family and loved ones ?
Then you have shared love with the family of truth.

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