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Settling within the pit of national agony, rattling from constant, relentless and sluggish procrastination,

Flushing funds down the bureaucratic imprudent abyss of waste and greed,

Ego’s wrangling among models of ghostly towers and irretrievable investments of wealth and time,
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Fuzzy wuzzy hope and change, how’s that working Mr. Brains,

Divide and conquer is the rule, don’t you get Avatar, Mr. Cool-Fool,

Lesson here son, boy oh boy, watch how fear, hate and ridicule runs and runs a party packing guns,
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Welcome my friend to the lobby that never mends,

Credit and debt, corporate agendas always met,

Consumer, taxpayer and citizens pay our bills, while the environment suffers the road kill,

Airways, waterways, public health, trash it all to build our wealth,
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Over and over The*People cry for peace, healing and justice to prevail,

Again and again the empires of greed, prejudice, and control ply their halfway measures of building an unstable facade of hope and caring,
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"Greater love has no one than this, that s’he lay down he’r life for friends" read more »


One more cry from the fallen warrior,
One more cry for mother, from her soldier,

One more cry from the battle lines,
One more cry from hidden mines,

One more cry standing shoulder to shoulder,
One more cry for the war to be over,

One more cry of revenge,
One more cry divides again,
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Escalating profits of war, boosting profits of speculation, raising profits of compensation, ensuring profits of corporations, hemorrhaging profitable jobs, bleeding profitable markets, incurring debt, bubbling gold, the domino of commercial doubt, teetering toward a gilded depression of unprecedented scope and scale...
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Thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves, money changers lives are better than thee,

Pay, pay, more and more, buckets of cash shoveled through Wall+Street doors,

Loss, loss, transferred to thee, taxpayer bleeds with interest paid to corporate greed,

War, war, here we go, jobs to stimulate the weapons and recruitment flow,
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The hand of man has laid heavy century after century,
upon earths natural harmony,
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