community wisdom trust peace love strength courage

Thoughts are things, words are power, action is authority...

Those who have the power, will and authority to rewrite history...

Have NO need to burn or ban it's truth...

For their deceptions bury he'r under the subtle thumb of dogmatism...



Stretching sea to sea, embracing the full, luminous spectrum of humanity,

Grounded end to end through family, community and friends,

Arching high above, this perfect graceful bend, begs mankind to heal, reconcile and mend,

Lighted, natural pathway to the stars, energetic guiding thread sets it’s divine halo overhead,
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Life barely trickled down to earn it’s daily bread, each hungry mouth paid less every day than the cost of a single loaf, hardly enough to keep a scrappy, tin roof overhead,

Dark hollow shadows, bodies drawn out as stick figures, laboring on a good day just to survive,
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The essence of all the beauty which surrounds you...

All the joy that fills the cup of creation...

Endless beating hearts, sharing love and compassion toward each other...

Comprising every life, and each serendipitous moment with chance and opportunity to excel, pass or fail...
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Aiming to inflict the atrocity of horror-stricken harm,

For the grievance of afflicted injustices,

Seeking recognition of cruelty endured,

Endowed with a morality of them and us,

The shooter, unlocked and loaded,

Fires directly unto the heart of social responsibility,
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