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Grow*Baby, Grow... Bio-Fuels, Forests, Wetlands, Ocean Health, Lawns-2-Lunch, Peaceful Profits, Economical Alternatives... Grow*Baby, Grow...

Unite the C.H.A.O.S.


War is the product of those employed to sacrifice life, liberty, treasure, relationship, family and trust, to the belief that others will show concern, care and regret for those who exist to fight, so that others may survive and still others may truly live,
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Born unto upright grace, each given individual faith, trusted to apply life’s gifts, with merit, upon every decision presented, between each breath one takes,
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Forever seems so long, long ago,

Traveling through eons of celestially, shadowed snow,

Mist covered, temporal glens, rolling, arcane hills,

Fog laden, spiritual sea’s, countless waves of mystical humanity,

Esoteric moments, held precious and close,

Oracular, enigmatic burdens carried, without boast,
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