Peace Or War?

Yet, another year has passed by
Since, those terrorists struck our Land
Even, after all this time gone by
Still hard, to comprehend or understand.

How can a person hate so much
And be so blinded, by their belief
To take their life, and so many others
To cause such terror, pain, and grief ?

All those folks they didn’t even know
Who never caused them any harm read more »

The Great Lie and the Disconnected Outrage

While on this day 9/11/07 Gen. Petraeus gives his party line "report" to the U.S. Congress feeding the public the same old story--give us more time--the killing, the suffering goes on and will seemingly go on permanently because of the Bush/Cheney neo-con plan for empire in the oil-rich middle east. Feed the beast of the MIC. read more »


Nearly three thousand killed
On that sad and fateful day
And more dying all the time
Since our Nation lost it's way.

We went after the terrorists
Rightly, in Afghanistan
Then, the invasion of Iraq
Began that War of a flawed plan.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda
Were going down with their defeat
Then we quit, took Troops away read more »

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… - the Final Holdout: 9/11

Not to worry, this is not about truth seekers or conspiracy theories. It’s not about the long list of anomalies and discrepancies in the official story of 9/11. It’s not even about the undeniable fact that the events of 9/11 gave George Bush and his handlers the keys to the neocon kingdom of empire. It really is not. read more »

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