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On Friday, I went to Kinko's and did $15 in copying of the Peace Alliance's DoP poster and flyer. This financial commitment on my part, trivial to some but significant to one of my financial status, is to symbolize/initiate my commitment to "go public" with my language and musical talents.

I have been active for about two months on the internet promoting the propeace agenda on mainstream forums and promoting unity on the alternative forums, but I know that's not enough. I must get out there in person. It's ironic that the most competent people to do this are too busy earning a living and raising families, and those of us with the time and sense of purpose, like me, are incompetent or handicapped in some way that makes them (us) ineffective. read more »


On 4/13/05, I participated in the Orientation Conference Call sponsored by The Peace Alliance and facilitated by Lynn McMullen, National Campaign Coordinator. I learned more about the legislative process than I knew before. There has to be a parallel bill (not necessarily identical) introduced in the Senate; Lynn says Minnesota Senator Dayton will probably sponsor that, so propeace/Peace Alliance probably needs to be in his ear as well as in Kucinich's.

The introduction of the bill on the floor in September is not to be followed by a vote; that introduction is just to assign it to the appropriate committees (suggested in the bill). Then we have to lobby the committe members, especially the chairperson, to get it back on the floor for a vote so that it doesn't "die in committee." That is when the congressional district groups really come into play.

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On 4/12/05, Nancy Hesler and I had our first meeting at the home of Autumn Drake. Our agenda was to 1)propose the DoP campaign as the activity goal of the group, 2)discuss ways of increasing our membership, and 3)introduce the developing song I've written, "Blue in a Red State." If anything, Autumn is more radical than I am, although she describes her husband as being 180 degrees away from our viewpoint. After greetings and introductions, it became clear that agenda item #1 was a foregone conclusion. Then David Drake and daughter Jenna left to go bowling. Most of the rest of the meeting was taken up with Nancy and Autumn getting to know one another better (I had had a 2-hour phone conversation with Autumn and had talked to Nancy all the way to Columbia, so I knew we were all on the same page) and my helping 18-year-old Danny get acquainted with his guitar. (We put the strap on and adjusted it, I showed him how to wear it standing up, and I taught him the chords he needs for "Blue in a Red State.") Item #2 was not addressed until we were on our way out the door, and this is my greatest concern since Autumn is even more isolated than I am. Item #3 was a success; they all liked the song and agreed that it would be effective as a rallying song. We had been a half-hour late in arriving, and it was after midnight when we finally left, by which time Mr. Drake and Jenna had returned. I believe I scored some points with this staunch Republican; details in the "Reaching Across the Aisle" forum.


Dot's response to my letter was gratifying; over the next few days I heard from several people about how to develop contacts for that infant Meetup group #131 in Columbia. They were:
Dot Maver, Campaign Coord.
Matthew Albracht, Managing Dir.
Cheryl Tarr, GA DoP co-creator
Ellie (?), from Asheville
Matthew invited me to table at the upcoming Marianne Williamson event in Charleston, which I have now agreed to do. read more »


In response to my telling Jason about my first attempt at writing a song from scratch, he made me a coordinator on this site. I took that pretty seriously (as I tend to take most things), and below is my first attempt to reach out to the national-level DoP campaign by writing to Dot Maven.

Dear Dot

The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself and to ask about possible contact with Kucinich groups in my area. read more »

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